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Posted by: Joel A. Gordon & Associates on 08/17/2017

What Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Houston Say: When You Can File Nursing Home Abuse Claims

What Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Houston Say: When You Can File Nursing Home Abuse Claims

When you have to put a family member or loved one in a nursing home, you deal with a considerable amount of stress. You may already be upset about the situation, but you also have to spend a lot of time researching and finding the best facility for your loved one. You want your loved one to receive the best care possible. You also have to consider finances, and finding good care can be expensive. When you have spent that amount of your time and money and consideration choosing what you hoped to be a good, caring nursing home, it can be incredibly frustrating to see your loved one mistreated. It can also be hurtful and detrimental to families to see their elderly hurt, abused, or neglected.

There Are Many Types of Abuse - Don’t Overlook It

Nursing home abuse is not always outward abuse. Sometimes, accidents happen. However, these accidents could very well be the fault of the nursing home. Nursing home abuse lawyers will warn you to take everything into account. Elderly residents should be monitored and assisted at all times. If your loved one falls, it could be due to poor lighting, various hazards in their surroundings, or lack of necessary assistance. Negligent or rude employees may also be a reason to file an abuse claim. It is the responsibility of the nursing home facility to properly distribute medicine, provide social interaction, keep the environment hazard free, provide assistance walking, sitting, or standing to needy residents, and feed, bathe and care for residents in ways they cannot otherwise care for themselves. A lack of assistance in any of these areas can easily be considered abuse, even if there is no serious injury, and may be a reason to file a claim.

Notice the Signs

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Houston from Joel A. Gordon Law are well versed in their field and have seen a variety of cases over the years. They will warn you to notice any and all possible signs of abuse. This can include weight loss, injuries, or bedsores. You may also notice your elderly loved one presenting different social habits. They may be more withdrawn or reserved. They may not interact with staff in a friendly manner. They could also show signs of malnutrition or dehydration. If they have medical conditions that suddenly become worse, it may be the cause of improper distribution of medication. There are multiple signs of neglect, but a nursing home abuse lawyer will warn you to note any changes in physical appearance, personality, or social interaction.

Medical Expenses are high

You are already paying a good amount for your loved ones care in the facility. In the case that your elderly family member is injured or mistreated, you may have to pay further medical expenses. If these injuries are the fault of the nursing home facility, you should not pay for these expenses out of pocket. Nursing home abuse lawyers can help you file a claim, and you may be reimbursed for all medical expenses. In some cases, you may also be reimbursed for the time your loved one spent at the home. You may even receive compensation for mental and emotional stress on your loved one, you, and your family.