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Posted by: Joel A. Gordon & Associates on 01/25/2017

Understanding The Settlement Process In Trucking Accidents

Understanding The Settlement Process In Trucking Accidents
When you have been involved in a trucking accident, you may be entitled to receive different forms of compensation for your injuries and losses caused by that accident. To receive full and fair compensation for your losses, most people seek the assistance of a personal injury lawyer to manage their claim. 

Your truck accident lawyer will file a lawsuit on your behalf to seek the compensation from the insurance company. Any time prior to the case going to trial, both parties can come to an agreement and settle the case. This is known as case settlement and can be very beneficial to the injured party.

Understanding The Settlement Process

During the pre-trial period, both parties have the ability to negotiate the terms of the compensation the injured party is entitled to receive. This is very common practice for these types of legal cases. Taking a case to trial is often a very long and expensive process that neither side of the case wishes to endure.

Your big rig accident lawyer will review all the information surrounding your case prior to making any type of negotiations. All facts of the event, the extent of the injuries, and your personal losses will be reviewed. Your personal injury lawyer will also review state and federal laws surrounding trucking accidents and the terms of the insurance policy covering the event. Only after all this information is gathered will your lawyer begin any type of negotiation process.

Accepting A Settlement

Your truck accident lawyer will only settle your case if the settlement offered is in your best interest. Your attorney will review all information surrounding the case and the settlement before any final agreement is made. As the injured party, you always have the final word on whether or not to accept what the insurer is offering.

Your big rig accident lawyer will explain at this time that once a settlement is made, no further actions can be taken regarding the case. You cannot seek additional damages or sue the insurer for any other issues surrounding this specific event. This is why your attorney will be very diligent about the terms of your settlement to ensure that your rights as a victim are protected.