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Posted by: Pacific Attorney Group on 08/29/2017

Who Is Liable For Accidents Caused By Driverless Cars

Who Is Liable For Accidents Caused By Driverless Cars

Accidents can happen almost anywhere, especially in Los Angeles. When something unexpected happens to you, it is always best to take the proper measures to remedy the situation. Motor vehicle accidents are one of the most common kinds of accidents and can cause pretty serious injuries to the victims involved, which is why a Los Angeles car accident attorney is in high demand. Of course getting the right medical attention at the moment is one of the main priorities that one needs to focus on, people must be varied that after they have recovered, they can still get compensation for the injuries that they have had to go through. Contacting a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer or to be more specific, a Los Angeles car accident attorney is one of the best ways to ensure that the victim gets what he or she needs. More often than not, such cases end up getting settled by the person who was responsible for the injuries, or in more severe cases can be put on trial by the law. But what happens when one gets injured by a driverless car? Who is held responsible in that scenario? Los Angeles car accident attorney will help you get the compensation that you deserve,

The Case Of Driverless Cars

Technology has reached a point where we can now say that we are living in the future, or at least, close to one. Even though driverless cars were seen as a step further into the technology that would make our lives easier, the reality has been far from that. Driverless cars have been said to cause numerous accidents in different parts of the world. Very few of these models out there have passed the entire certification of being completely safe. After all, a driverless car is a computer at work, and sometimes it may be harder for it to calculate all the numerous variables that appear on the roads, leading to accidents. At this point in time, the technology that is being used in this kind of cars is not yet perfect, which means that inconsistencies can occur from time to time.

Who Is Really Held Liable

Just because a car does not have a driver, does not mean that one cannot get compensation for the injury that they have sustained. Recently, a law was passed which stated that in the case of driverless cars, the computer running the car would be held responsible, and not the person who was, let's say, sitting in the back seat of the car. However, since one cannot demand compensation from a machine, the person who is then held responsible for the crash is the manufacturer of that computer. If the computer is said to be fine, then the car may be sent for testing. If defects are found in it, the person who manufactures that particular part of the car will then be held liable for the accident.

However, the same cannot be said for semi-driverless cars. These kind of cars are the ones that work on some or the other form of 'autopilot' but still need a person to run the car, or at least keep his or her hands on the steering wheel. In the case where an injury to a person is caused as a result of someone driving such kind of a car, then the person behind the wheel is the one who is held responsible for the accident.