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Fewer Doctors & Medical Staff for the Uninsured Could Mean More Medical Lawsuits Filed in the Inland Empire

Fewer Doctors & Medical Staff for the Uninsured Could Mean More Medical Lawsuits Filed in the Inland Empire

         The Sun posted an article to their website news feed that discussed a rising issue the Inland Empire communities face as they continue to have a shortage of licensed and qualified physicians. The two-county San Bernardino & Riverside area continues to lack an adequate numbers of doctors and physicians for the uninsured patients as they are not properly being funded and many doctors stray from being a part of the team for the uninsured because of the low funding. As many doctors retire, there are not enough fresh faces to fill the positions which is also contributing to the shortage of staff problem. The article states with a gain of some 475,000, mostly Medi-Cal patients since January 2014, the Inland Empire Health Plan has agreed to partially subsidize the salaries of new doctors coming into the area willing to take Medi-Cal and Medi-Care patients from the plan, said Dr. Bradley Gilbert, CEO of the Inland Empire Health Plan. As a result, 97 new doctors have been brought into the area but this is not nearly enough needed to help significantly with the rising issue and other Inland Empire communities are still suffering from a lack of new professionals.


Shortage of medical staff can leave the level of care at a lower quality in order to provide some level of care across the board.  Doctors have to focus more and more on time management in order to ensure they can treat or provide care to all of their patients; this can take away from their complete focus on a patient who needs diligent and complete focus for their medical issues. It may not be the doctor’s or nurse’s fault that they are having to work faster but there is some point where focusing more on time and rotation of patients will cause a decrease in level of care. A shortage of staff for uninsured patients is a serious issue within our state's healthcare system and with the ever changing and volatile climate of healthcare reform, there may not be an adequate solution in sight.


When medical staff is overworked, and facilities are understaffed, unintentional lack of care and medical negligence can occur. Doctors and nurses can easily make mistakes when they have been working a long shift due to a shortage of staff. Patients might also have to wait in longer lines to be examined which can create a whole other scope of medical problems when certain conditions or injuries cannot be treated in a timely manner. If a patient waits too long in overcrowded waiting rooms or hospital wards, their simple medical issues could progress quickly and turn deadly.


Victims of medical negligence in California can recover from damages and even wrongful death in those situations when death does occur and the hand of negligent medical staff. Compensation for medical bills that occurred from medical negligence can be recovered if there is a valid claim and victims find the right attorney to fight their case or claims. Some medical accidents can be avoided, and because of that, medical negligence or even wrongful death claims can be pursued in California courts. Even if the patient's damage seems minor, they may still be entitled to compensation to cover the cost of the damage. If this has happened to you or anyone you may know, it is important that you find an attorney that can represent you and has a track record of dealing with medical negligence and wrongful death claims in the Inland Empire.


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