Print Posted By California Drivers Advocates on 11/08/2017

Driver-less Autonomous Vehicles On Streets Near You

Driver-less Autonomous Vehicles On Streets Near You

The California DMV released an article on their website on October 11, 2017, in which reported that driverless autonomous vehicles will begin being tested on designated streets lanes. The California Department of Motor Vehicles announced they will commence a fifteen day trial period, open to public comment and will end on October 25, 2017. The new revised regulations by the California DMV will allow for the vehicles to be driverless with autonomous technology being used to operate them. The regulations require manufacturers to certify to meeting federal safety standards as a prerequisite for both testing and deployment as they recognize this is a huge step for the vehicle industry and they want to ensure public safety. Manufacturers must also certify their vehicles are designed to operate in compliance with state traffic laws.

With the popularity of driverless vehicles continuing to grow, drivers and motorists must be especially careful and aware of their surroundings while driving. Just the initial distraction of drivers looking over and either seeing no one behind the wheel, or someone there but not operating the vehicle an initial shock could come over drivers. There will almost certainly be some form of awe struck into other motorist and they may try to follow and track these vehicles to see firsthand how they operate. With all of these potential distractions comes the possibility for accident and injury. In any one of these situations the responsible drivers could become targets of the California DMV for any number of reasons their license could come into question.

Unsafe driving could result in a Negligent Operator Suspension or even an accident while under the influence could spark a DMV APS hearing. While California drivers are a bit expectant of these vehicles there will surely be a learning cure while they are deployed on our roadways.

Furthermore, as these new driving technologies are integrated into our roadways, new problems and concerns may arise that we yet not foresee. In situations like this the California DMV and state lawmakers may be tasked with creating and enforcing new laws, requirements and regulations to keep the overall safety of motorist in mind. No matter your feelings on the new coming wave of driverless vehicles, it will be no time before they are among us, and at that time we will all start to get a better idea of the full effect they have, either positive, negative or both.

About the Author: Rob Collier is President of California Drivers Associates. CDA is a firm that helps defend drivers at the DMV when their license and driving privileges are at risk of suspension or revocation. Rob Collier is the President and CEO of the firm. Mr. Collier is a Distinguished Graduate of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Academy and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Special Weapons and Tactics School. As a member of an Orange County DUI task force, Mr. Collier has made more than 1,000 arrests for DUI. He has also written or reviewed more than 4,000 DUI arrest reports. Visit Rob and his team of DMV Defense Experts at their website or contact them at 1-888-281-5244 as they will be happy to answer any questions you may have at a no cost obligation.